Real-Time Support

Securing repeat business and building brand loyalty requires superior customer support. Our Service Cloud implementations turn your call center into a 24/7 digital portal for troubleshooting, collaboration, and assistance, so you’re always ready to help. Personalized dashboards with CRM integration help agents quickly pull up, extract, and sort through customer data so they can respond quicker and with greater accuracy than ever before.

Multiple Service Formats

Offering a variety of support and contact options increases the likelihood of engagement and allows clients to interact with your brand on their own terms. From Service Cloud Communities that let customers help themselves and each other from a shared knowledgebase, to Partner Communities that connect your employees with valuable service providers for reachback and support, you’re always covered.

Multi-Channel Mobility

Your customers are more connected now than ever, with access to a broad array of channels—from traditional phone and e-mail to ever-evolving social media outlets—through which they can voice their opinions on your brand. Our Salesforce Service Cloud implementations help you meet them where they are with multi-channel support on any device, including SOS functionality for live one-way video, two-way audio, and on-screen annotation in any mobile app—so your team can field questions, direct agents, and communicate with customers from anywhere.