360-Degree Customer Support

For your salesteam, the customer journey covers endless touchpoints. Stay up-to-date and accurate on each deal with real-time monitoring of account discussions, customer communications, and activity history. When you’re ready, data-rich opportunity management tools help you follow each project through to completion, instantly detailing account updates, stages, and next steps—so you can act when your prospects do.

24/7 Mobile Access

Optimize sales team performance by enabling your agents to sell from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Mobile CRM integration means any task, from scheduling a conference call to creating a new account, can be completed on-the-go, with all data stored on a personalized, centralized dashboard for easy viewing and sorting.

Instant Analytics and Reporting

Informed sales decisions hinge on access to accurate and timely data, including project performance, pipeline updates, and future forecasts. With built-in dashboard and reporting tools and seamless integration with the Salesforce Wave Analytics app, Sales Cloud allows employees to capture this information on the spot, then review it at their convenience to predict trends and sell smarter.