When it comes to Legacy CRM to Salesforce Migration Stratus360 is The Right Partner

With an extensive amount of Legacy CRM knowledge, the Stratus360 team will guide your migration with a result driven approach. We fundamentally believe in agile, rapid, and transformative implementation that will leave your organization ready for success in today’s modern sales and marketing era.

You Won’t Miss a Beat During the Process

Smart, staggered migration: with the Stratus360, Pivotal to Salesforce bi-directional connector keep both systems running in parallel, syncing data until your phased migration is complete.

Your Data, Just Smarter

Keep your Pivotal customizations: leverage Stratus360’s experience with Pivotal Metadata to quickly recreate Pivotal custom tables and fields in Salesforce. Easy document exporter: seamlessly export documents from any version of Pivotal into Salesforce.