Build confidence in your data

Think of how much more impactful your teams could be if you had access to the information they need to make the business decisions that matter, all at their fingertips, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Experience your real data in real life

The Einstein Analytics test drive will allow you to see your actual data at work. See what you’re missing and get an inside look at what the power of real-time business intelligence can do.

Turn insights into Action

Dynamic data reporting allows you to hone in on the smallest details, or get a full view of your organization. Turn insights into actions, dive deep into what factors are impacting your pipeline, lead generation, retention efforts and much more.

Turn Insights into Innovation

Businesses that fail to innovate can fail to survive, but innovation, where it counts, is no easy task. Analytics not only give you insight into the happenings of your organization but help steer you in the right direction and identify the strategic opportunities that count. Improve productivity, reduce costs, increase your brand’s value, be more competitive, establish new partnerships and relationships, and improve your overall profitability.

Measure and Improve your R&D Performance

Price-To-Research ratios are on the rise as internal and external demands for innovations increase. Depending on your industry you can spend upwards of 5%-10% of revenue on R&D. Einstein Analytics can enable you to everything from setting and understanding performance benchmarks, analyze go-to-market times, track team productivity and discover development opportunities from engagements with your customers.