360-Degree view of your customers across all touchpoints

Understanding your customer’s journey has never been more critical. With the increasing diversity of touchpoints being used by customers to engage with your brand, it’s more important than ever to get actionable insight from customer intelligence to ensure you are providing a customer-centric experience across all your business processes. Connect all the applications you use to engage with your customers into your Salesforce instance – get the data you need to drive your business forward.

Boost employee productivity

Integrating multiple systems and applications means your employees have less juggling to do when it comes to inputting and retrieving customer data.  Information is available where and when they need it.   Improving employee productivity allows you to free up your resources for the tasks that really matter to your business

Increase the quality of your data

Data errors are not only costly they can have devastating impacts on your brand’s reputation Seamlessly integrating your applications into a centralized location allows for the reduction of errors and improves the overall accuracy of the data used to make critical business decisions.

Organization-Wide financial intelligence at your fingertips

With a broad range of account receivable and account management applications available syncing crucial financial information into a standard interface is a major hurdle; one that if not tackled correctly can have you losing out on your bottom line. Whether you’re managing your revenue across multiple channels and systems or want to expedite your order-to-cash processes the solution is as simple as integration.