Connection Across the Enterprise

Salesforce Community Cloud connects contacts across the project lifecycle, from manufacturers and distributors to partners and end users, so they can share valuable data and learn from each other as they interact with your brand. Whether you design a community around professional affiliation, such as marketing contacts, or personal interest, such as robotics enthusiasts, uniting those with similar interests helps resolve issues more quickly, broaden connections, and encourage visitor exploration.

Making the Connection

The software’s integrated social intelligence automatically creates questions within communities, prompting discussion while building a library of self-service resources and instructions. With incentives available for users who participate in virtual conversation, Community Cloud encourages interaction and teamwork, building strategic relationships and boosting brand loyalty.

Sleek Design and Deployment

Community Cloud can easily be tailored to a brand’s specific aesthetic, streamlining design across virtual and physical interactions. In addition, each user can customize the community’s feed according to the content desired, so the only truly valuable information is visible. Custom and third-party apps can also be integrated as required, so your teams can keep working within and with the data they know.