Powerful, Secure Deployment

Powered by new Wave Technology with 100% native Salesforce integration, Analytics Cloud features third-level security and hierarchy controls to keep data safe and secure as it travels across the enterprise. Consolidating silos of CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point-of-Sale (POS), back office and case data into a single view makes it easy to quickly and conveniently retrieve information from any source, at any time.

On-the-Go Mobility

Built-in mobile integration means that insights can be accessed and discussed across every smart device, instantly connecting sales, service, and back office teams without the need for IT intervention. Designed for rapid visualization, users can leverage the platform to view, measure, group, filter, and share data directly from their mobile phone, mashing up datasets and presenting dashboards, all without the use of a desktop system.

Solutions for Every Business Need

Integrated self-service tools help users retrieve critical project updates, such as sales channel performance, trending marketing pipeline, and customer satisfaction scores in real time, for immediate action and decision-making. By connecting to the Salesforce App Exchange, users can also build or download analytic mobile apps designed around specific business requirements, then deploy these solutions on the Analytics Cloud platform.